Book Name: My Gita
Author: Devdutt Pattanaik


I have always been fascinated by Indian mythology not only because they depict our deity as super heroes, but also because you can gain some explicit and implicit lessons that these stories teach us.

Devdutt Pattnaik is a great story teller who merely tells a story the way he understands it, although there are many who beg to differ. His books touch those very critical aspects of Hindu mythology that can amuse or instigate the audience.

The Title ‘My Gita’ seems to reflect his very nature of diplomacy as he is trying to project a distinction between ‘The Gita’ and his Gita. Traditionally all saints and hermits have chosen the path of self-realization by sacrificing their role of a householder, however the book discusses a different path to self-realization that is by expanding your mind (not by isolation) which leads to liberation.

Devdutt has tried to categorize all the 18 chapters into themes and made it easy for the audience to understand the “The truth” about the verses of “The Gita”. There have been many interpretation of the holy book, but this particular account of the Gita with the many diagrams and illustrations helps broaden the understanding of an ancient text that emphasize the concept of Karma,Bhakti and Gyana.

There were many examples in the book that completed my circle of knowledge but this one particular was quite spectacular. The point where he discusses about Focus and Perspective, that is Dhritarashtra and Duryodhana or any of the other Kauravas displayed the psychological blindness, as opposed to that of Arjuna whose vision was expanding , there was a new way created for awareness and he transitions into the realm of separating self from the others and understands that actions are different from responsibilities, defining the concept of Darshan.


Overall, it’s a good read, although it is not a replacement to the original text, but can be an addition to your collection of philosophical and mythological books for sure.
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