I have always been fascinated by speakers who don’t mince their words, shoot right to the target and stand out by making an impact on the audience. My colleague and I often share articles, podcasts, and videos on topics that relate to leadership, team building, self-development and many such areas of management. In one of such exchange of information, my colleague shared this video where Simon Sinek talks about millennials and things that impact their lives.

In this piece of writing, I would like to share my views on the points that he has brought into the discussion. some of these issues may grow as we advance technologically in years to come or may not be as bad as predicted.

Simon talks about some of the critical factors that impact millennials, one of them being parenting. Individuals who are yet to be parents or are parents already has a tendency to be overprotective as they raise their children. They think it would help their children grow as successful Individuals, which is quite a debatable point because there is no holy grail to parenting, it differs from generation to generation and individual to individual. However, the concept of encouragement has risen to a different level where parents seem to ignore the mistakes of their kids thinking it would make a positive impact in their upbringing. To a certain extent, this is fine, but there may be a point where that encouragement may foster arrogance, and eventually the individual may end up needing to be counseled or coached for interpersonal skills.

Drifting onto technology and how that has impacted their lives, on the one hand, it has, of course, bridged the gap between time zones and brought people together from different culture and traditions, however, it has also given room to feeling lonely or less valued because now there is less physical interaction. Is giving up on technology a solution to the issue in hand, or do we coach the next generation and help them draw lines so that they choose wisely to decide what is best for them and helps them progress? When I reflect on how my life had progressed, I realize that there are more options to choose from today than I had when I was growing up. So the question to ask is, is this a problem of plenty?  I suggest they are growing impatient because they have a lot of choices and they are not able to make a decision about what is best for them. We have all had peer pressure issues, and it is going to be around us for a very long time and the point to ponder on is, does our education system help the current generation to overcome barriers with a more practical outlook than just making them feel good about themselves?

To conclude, I enjoyed this talk because it has triggered some ideas and thoughts in my mind. With every invention, there is good and bad, but it is the choices one makes that define the impact it has upon an individual’s life.

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