On one of my regular visits to Crossword (My first love), I came across this book named “I Quit? Now What.” The title seemed interesting to me, while we are caught in the corporate race, we forget to take time out for ourselves and do things we really love. When I read the summary of the book on the back cover I knew it in my heart that I had to grab this one.

Note: I loved the book cover took. A perfect knack of marketing the book.


Summary from the book: 

Nimisha is exhausted. Of endless weekdays, working weekends, making presentations, working with complicated Excel sheets, handling a boss with time-management issues and the general politics of the workplace. Sigh! After eight years of this life, her only personal insight is that she’s terribly unambitious and constantly struggling to be an average performer in the competitive corporate world. When a colleague flashes the glint for a golden sabbatical she catapults into it headfirst. After all, one has to find one’s calling at some point in one’s life. So will the sabbatical miraculously change her life forever? Or will she go rushing back to her pocket money-generating job?

What I think about it? 

To begin with, this book is about a twenty-something-year-old girl who is exhausted with her work life. Working on weekends with a social life, Her work sucks the life out of her and she has almost no time for herself. Inspired by her pregnant co-worker she decides to take a sabbatical. It strikes to her that this sabbatical will change her life and will lead her to her true calling. There are many who think that her decision would lead to more frustration due to lack of regular income. She really does not have any liabilities and hence counts on her savings that she has accumulated working for so many years. She is quite confident that she will be able to find a way to generate income from doing what she loves by the end of 3 months.

The book has two narratives, the one when Nimisha has a  full-time job and then the other when she is on sabbatical. Both the narratives are interesting and take you through her day to day activities filed with moments of happiness, humor and some heartbreaks. It is a not a romantic novel, but it sure does add some elements of love here and there, that make her feel that her life is not that bad after all.

If you are looking for an experience that tickles your mind and sets you on the path of knowing your passion for life grab it soon, you will not regret it. Find out if she really finds her true calling by grabbing this from your nearest bookstore or Amazon.

Rating: 5/5

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