Just like my everyday routine, I got up at 6:00 am, had my lemon juice and stepped out for a morning walk before the sun would start shining with a full beam. While I was busy walking and totally engrossed in my own thoughts I witnessed a very beautiful moment. A man on a video call with his daughter. From his appearance, it looked like he was a not a local. His family sure was not in Pune.

While I witnessed this moment a thought crossed my mind, as much as we have accepted the technical advancements, we have also been speaking about its ill effects. But that beautiful moment made me realize that it is only because of technology that man was able to speak to his daughter. I agree about the fact that no technical advancement can ever replace the warmth and love only gained through physical interaction in human relations. But what about people who are separated from their families because of various reasons.

There was a feeling of joy in me when I looked at that man. There was a sense of satisfaction and happiness on his face on being able to speak to his daughter if not physically at least virtually and this, of course, made me realize how often we take our relations for granted and it seems to have become a #pattern of our lives. Maybe it is time to break these and build the ones that bring happiness to your lives :).

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19 comments on “Technology and Human interaction”

  1. I love video calls for two reasons – one it tells me how so ever far the other person is, one can still see them and two, technology is a good thing if used the right way.
    On a side note, your morning routine is great. Keep up with it 🙂

  2. A very feel-good read this was, Shruti. I tend to think that technology, if utilized properly, can be a man’s best friend. You can be distances apart yet very close because with a button you can call or chat or do things you would do if you were physically present at that scene. Of course, the feelings would be different but something is definitely better than nothing. A great start to the challenge!

  3. I agree with you Shruti, in this fast busy world, people dont have time, atleast the technology helps us keep in touch with our loved ones to some extend.

  4. I never felt the feeling of being away from my family or friends till date. They were always around and available! Couple of months back by best friend moved to Sydney and now-a-days we talk on facetime. It makes me happy that even beings thousands of miles apart we are able to connect with each other …see each other may not be in person but at least virtually!

  5. I love technology and social media for helping me stay connected with my friends and family over long distances! Its a great thing to be able to do a videocall – the feature just amazes me! And I grew up without even a black telephone in our house as we couldnt afford it back then!

    • Ahh yes those days when you had a phone with the wheel thing. I used to love those phones :D. I am a huge fan of social media too, although sometimes i am concerned about its impact on our lives, we seem to believe everything on face value.

  6. Everything has pros and cons. We need to make the most of the technology and it is indeed helpful but I also think its in our hands to decide how much is too much. It felt so nice to read that the father could connect with his daughter. video calls are amazing, I do it all the time with my dad too.

  7. Technology is such a blessing when it comes to staying in touch with people. Video calling your loved ones, helps to cut down on loneliness, when you are far away. You can still be a part of parties and get togethers, if only via video. It’s better than missing it altogether. Nice write-up.

  8. Just yesterday my bua spoke to my grandfather on a video call and the amount of joy both sides was enormous. We need a lot of gratitude to make life better, always 🙂

  9. Good thought, though. The alliance between human and machine is indeed helping the former to realize the connections that are at distant. Technology can be a dependable friend and a much better enemy if not applied wisely. A person from Kashmir can converse to another located at Kanyakumari, within few seconds. The converse matters a great deal in looking at technology as good, better and the best.

  10. I have been away from my family since 8 years now and technology for sure had helped me to stay connected with my family wherever I went. There’s a sense of security that stays with you when you know that they are just a call away!

  11. There are two sides to every coin aren’t there! While we moan that technology has made the younger generation self-absorbed and anti-social, it is the same technology that has helped us reconnect with our long lost friends and relatives. It is because of this technology that my parents can watch their grandkids grow up too.

  12. I remember having skype calls late night depending on the time zone and I absolutely loved it and the best part was teasing the one whose internet was terribly bad. LOL

  13. Fire can cook, fire can burn or kill. Electricity lights up, electricity can give shock which can be fatal too. We have evolved from bonfire cooking to gas stoves. We must know how to use it the right way. Technology today has taken you to stay connected with loved ones anytime, anywhere instead of ‘chitthi aayi hai, aayi hai, chitthi aayi hai…’

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