Some people come into life as a blessing;

some leave us into a noose.

Nevertheless, I always look into the mirror and smile,

for I know that I still have nothing to lose!

By Jasmeet Walia – To Do List

to do list

Picture Source – Juggernaut.In

This beautiful book is about 50 pages. It revolves around three people Tiara, Shivesh and Aamir. Shivesh and Aamir are both brothers (Lovely twist there btw). The story talks about how Tiara has had a very bad childhood right from sexual harassment to troubled relationship between her parents who were too involved in solving their own issues and Tiara feeling neglected and depressed all the time. 

The narration is divided into two parts her past and her present. Jasmeet has done an amazing job in narrating both aspects of Tiara’s life. Quite often we are caught up so much in our past that the present seems to be an illusion. 

Shivesh and Aamir play a very important role in her life trying to make her a stronger and confident person, help her build trust. It talks about how incidents in your life can change the course of your life goals.  The key to the story is to have a to-do list. This list will keep you moving in your life, keeps you on course. 

Don’t miss on this one you can grab it from I have hyperlinked the book with the #juggernaut link. 

Happy Reading!

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  1. Sounds like such an i interesting story. Must try to read this one. Like the concept of having a to do list in life to jot down goals and plans and move ahead.

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