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Have you ever wondered how the chicken crosses the road?


If you are a digital native (unlike me) chances are you already know the answer. In which case, this post will be of very little use to you. On the other hand, there are those few times that even an expert needs to find out how things work.  And that’s when they visit a technology blog.


One of the popular niches of blogging is a “how to blog”.


This very simple, is a technology blog:  one where the author shares his/her knowledge of a particular subject. So does that mean a knitting blog or a cooking blog is a technology blog?  Not really.  A tech blog generally refers to things mechanical and technical. It actually relates to the back end functions of how things operate. Or in other words, it tells you HOW A CHICKEN CROSSES THE ROAD.


Why I read a techblog

Let me tell you why an ordinary person like me would read a technology blog.



The other day, for instance, when  I found my headphones were kaput, I didn’t know which ones to buy.


Ordinarily, I would go to a shop and ask the salesman to show me a headphone.  Typically he’d show me 1 or 2 because even the largest stores selling multiple brands keep just a few models. And if you need help, the salesman will tell you obvious stuff like “this is made by X” and “this is made by Y”!

And finally, when you’ve kind of figured which one you want and ask him which one is better he’ll say “both are better, sir.”


By this point, I’m ready to tear out my hair because I’m none the wiser and moreover,  I AM NOT A SIR !!!!


How to find a techblog


So it would make more sense to whip out my phone and type in wireless ear phones for computer in the browser search bar and zero down to some kind of model which shows up on the screen.


But then I still don’t have a sense of which ones to buy because the vendor’s sites don’t really give much technical help. I mean they do write down the specifications but to a techno-duh like me, it makes no sense.


It’s best then to narrow down my search to the best wireless earphones and get several sites like pcmag, tomshardware, techradar which actually discuss the technical details of several models. This makes it easier for me to choose the one I really want or need.


Before clicking on any site, I check for the date of the entry. There’s no point in choosing the best earphone in 2013. Look for a post in 2017 or closer to your date of intended purchase .

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Provenance is of prime importance so you should filter down to the 10 best tech bloggers in the country. These can vary from list to list so look for names that are commonly found. For instance, I find Amit Agarwal and his blog , always consistently in the top ten techno bloggers. This establishes his credentials and you would do well to heed his advice.


I prefer to check the comments on the blog . If there are too many unfavourable ones, I give the blogger a miss even if he is highly ranked.


How to write a technology blog

Which now brings me to the other side of the table. What if you want to write a technology blog?

Go ahead and write one!

But remember

  • You must be an expert on the subject.
  • You should consider your target audience to be unfamiliar with technological jargon and explain everything step-by-step and in very simple non-technical language.
  • An instructional video is a good idea as it really gives the reader a clear idea of what you mean. In case you can’t make a video, then use screen shots to illustrate your point.
  • An infographic works well too and can be used as a cheat sheet which the person can refer to easily while following instructions.
  • Remember to give due credits for references and possible links to the article cited so that the reader can check out for him/herself the facts.
  • NEVER copy-paste from other blogs/ sources as this is a violation of copyright.
  • Make small modules to make the information easy to understand and absorb.
  • Technology blogs can be boring and drab. Try and make them more readable with engaging content. This will make you stand out in an already crowded field.

Does this inspire you to write a technology blog?


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Keerthi Vydyula · December 18, 2017 at 8:31 am

You summerized it well Sunita 🙂
I am a tech savvy and mostly try to keep myself updated about new products in the market. But yeah, when I am trying to find any info on things i am not aware of, i pretty much follow the steps you discussed here!

    Bellybytes · December 21, 2017 at 2:23 am

    Thanks Keerthi . Validation from a technocrat is praise I really value

Namratha · December 19, 2017 at 2:50 pm

This definitely inspired me to read tech blogs. Definitely not write one cause I am an engineer who doesn’t get technology that easily!

I liked the tip about looking at the top 10 tech bloggers and also the comments of the bloggers to determine if they were any good.

RUPA HARIHARAN · December 24, 2017 at 12:57 pm

Nice post ….Loved reading it…

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