There are days when you are all excited to win the world and then there are days when you hit rock bottom, and you feel like quitting. You feel like you are not achieving what you wanted to and that you are back to square one.

Today I want to talk about goals. The reason why I want to talk about them is that I know people who crib about not achieving what they want in their life and there are others who are super achievers. To start with what is a goal, or what is the definition of a goal. A goal is an idea of the desired result that a person envisions. That is a straightforward definition of a goal but is it that simple to define what your goals are or what is your desired result? 

When you think of penning down your goals, have you thought about making them specific so that it gives you a clarity of what you want to achieve? The rule of achieving goals is to decide on specific goals and to refine them as you gain more clarity of where you are headed. 

As you gain clarity of where you are headed, start appreciating and celebrating your efforts and your achievements. You would ask me why? This is because with every milestone you feel accomplished and build a positive energy around you. It would slowly build your confidence and attracts your future state towards you. The most amazing part is that your subconscious is doing all this as you keep feeding the right energy to it.

As you create a mental picture of where you want to be and create a positive energy around it, you will notice a sense of calmness around you. You would slowly notice and realize a cycle of how things manifest and how you stay contended with every step towards your goal.

In the comments below describe how you maintain your energies to move closer towards your vision. I would love to hear your thoughts and know more about being mindful.

14 comments on “Your energy to achieve your goals !”

  1. I know this sounds film! But I do believe that you really wish for something with all your heart it will come true , however I also believe that we need to keep working towards achieving it.

  2. I think positive energy to strive something exceptional, can only be around a calm and focused mind. So I think, a visionary person is a combination of a meticulous, organized, calm and determined mind along with a dynamic attitude.

  3. I loved the thoughts you penned down here. Continuously we are chasing our short term and long term goals. I think diving them into short term achievable goals is what I do to keep the momentum going. Also patting my back when I achieve my goals is a good way to make oneself feel better and accomplished

  4. Great idea of planning and breaking down goals to make them achievable and make yourself accountable without bogging you down. Having positive energy through people or family around you is a good way to perk oneself when down.

  5. I always lose my patience when i cannot achieve something.. so i set very realistic and tiny sub goals and it helps me keep myself motivated

  6. I believe what we want is what we achieve. To whatever we put our mind and heart to will be ours. Just be determined and keep going towards it. Sooner or later success will be yours.

  7. I really like the idea of visualization and positive affirmations. Goals are purely a manifestation of the story we tell ourselves .

  8. Building positive environment around us can help a lot in motivating us. Totally agree, Be it high or low, being positive will sail our boat against all odds.

  9. I have experienced what you just said in your post, Shruti. It takes a lot of time and mental energy but your subconscious doe what you see in front of you. It works on your thinking.

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