Book Review: It Happens by Karan Sharma

Genre: Romantic

No of Pages – 168 pages

Format – Kindle

Language – English


During our childhood days, we tend to have these crushes on people older than us that fade as we grow up. We never act upon them but they remain as memories that we always cherish.

But what happens when two adults with such an age difference fall in love?

It Happens is a story about how Gautam, a twenty-five-year-old upcoming professional and Roshni, an unmarried thirty-seven-year-old senior management member working in the same multinational bank, face this very question. Can two people with such a vast age difference be compatible?

The story is a romantic comedy that explores this situation in a light-hearted way as they fall in love, get laughed at by their friends and then develop cold feet, thinking about the repercussions their age difference could have on their marriage. Since this happens in India, where marriage is a major social issue, the plot holds further intrigue.

They say love is blind and makes one think with the heart, rather than the mind. Will two smart professionals make a mistake by doing so? Or will they listen to their logical senses at the last moment to avert what may be the biggest blunder of their lives?

It Happens

My Review 

“It Happens” is a love story that breaks the social norms of marriage. It questions the idea of a Man marrying a Woman who is many years older to her. As Gautam and Roshni explore their love, there are instances when they too get trapped into these social norms and are not sure if the marriage would sustain. The author has made a bold move by writing about one such issue in our society that has been under the spectrum of criticism. The book brings forth many questions that one must ask when you enter a relationship and think of taking the next serious step of committing to each other for a lifetime.

As you move forward in the story you would witness the great bond of friendship that Rahul and Gautam share and also about how well Richa, Gautam’s elder sister guides him more like a friend than a sibling.

I picked this book to read because the synopsis intrigued me. Although I did enjoy reading the book, I was looking forward to a more mature storyline. I was expecting the story to build up more but I felt like the story ended too soon. The language is simple and easy to read. There were times when you would expect a different outcome of the situation, but the outcome seemed obvious. Although they say, do not judge a book by its cover, I would still like to say that the cover for such a good topic was too simple and not in the context.

Karan Sharma is a Businessman turned author, and I would love to read more of his writings in future.

You can Grab a paperback copy of this book on Amazon, It Happens

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27 comments on “It Happens by Karan Sharma”

  1. Age difference was a big issue around 20 years back but now people are okay with it, but a vast age difference is something that still raises eyebrows! I will check this book

  2. I generally have not read many romantic novels even in my teenage years or later for that matter. I am more of a person who likes thrillers & mystery. But I am participating in Everyday Gyaan Reading Challenge & I will explore new genres this year. Thanks for the review.

  3. The review was very honest and I liked how your write about the gist of the plot without giving away the essence of the story. Now that has intrigued me to checking it out.
    Age difference may be a con in certain situations however could be a pro too. Depends on the individuals and I believe if they want to make it work they will.

  4. Reading your review makes me feel like this is going to be a good read.. these topics are unexplored and we need more writing over this.. you gave an honest review ❤

  5. That’s very interesting plot raise curiosity in me. Relationships with Age difference is usually judged in our society. Look like interesting read

  6. A relationship with age difference is something to which the society is still not open. This book seems like a very interesting read to me and would be so for many. I liked the way you have given the review with honestly suggested about the simple cover of the book.

  7. Great review of the book. I feel like going and reading it and starting to read it. You say that the story became more obvious and may be that is because of a businessman turning to story-teller. Which other authors would you recommend reading?

    • Hello Nameesh, Well it could be because he is a budding author, but from his writing, I can say that he has excellent skills of narration and would have loved to read more.
      If you are looking for Indian Authors in the entrepreneurial space, then Rashmi Bansal is a fantastic author. For Fiction grab books by Novoneel Chakraborty, Preeti Shenoy, Vikram Seth, Sudha Murthy and Anita Nair.
      I am discovering more Indian authors and hope to have a list in the next six months. 🙂

  8. This seems like a very interesting book. Large age differences do seem to still cause some unease in American society, but it’s also becoming more acceptable I feel.

    • I must tell you its the same in India LOL. With time there comes a tide of revolution and i guess we are living that moment now.

  9. There are a lot of famous people in marriages with big age gaps (Hugh Jackman, think his wife is 13 years older than him). lovely review for what sounds like a very interesting read.

    • I liked the way writer picked this topic. I was looking more depth in the story though. A really good start i must say.

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