The inception of Overcoffeewithshruti !

The inception of Overcoffeewithshruti !

What is a failure?

Well, the dictionary says lack of success or action that resulted in something that was unexpected.
Is this your definition too?

To me, failure is when you top accepting the state of affairs and blame it on you or your luck. Failure occurs when you are not 100% sure of what you are trying to do, and you have an element of doubt in it.

I did have one such moment in my life. In one of my appraisal cycles, it was told to me that my lack of grammar skills did not get me that promotion because I was part of the team that works on content management. Although the reason does seem BS, and I must say to you I was quite furious when I read that. I was disappointed. At that point in time, I overlooked the possibility of me being grammatically weak, because all my focus was on the lost promotion. That moment right there was my moment of failure.

The promotion was one part, the other was my lack of acceptance of a shortcoming, this led to the inception of my blog site

They say action speaks louder than words. To a writer, the most effective action is to write. Thus began my journey of blogging. I had started blogging in 2008. For lack of time, or to be honest lack of motivation and that triggering moment it did not go any further than ten posts.
This time though the journey is about expressing myself and taking this blogging journey to a place that helps me achieve a higher purpose in life.

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If you face a failure in your life, do not blame the failure, accept the situation and face it as if the point of failure is your zeroth moment. There is nothing more regretful than not trying. Every journey you embark there is a learning lesson, make a note of what you learned in the journey of discovering yourself and your destination.

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