Mindset Shifts to achieve goals in 2018

Mindset Shifts to achieve goals in 2018

Do you have the mindset to achieve your goals?

It has been 25 days past the beginning of the new year, and you are wondering, where are you currently when it comes to your goals?

Are you happy with where you stand regarding your goals?

A study says that individuals with these mindset shifts are more likely to achieve their goals than others. I am sure you are wondering what these mindset shifts are?

Stay connected with the Purpose

The real reason of procrastinates is that one does not connect well with the purpose of why the goal was set in the first place. It is essential that we have a mental picture of how the outcome would look like in the future. Unless you have a mental picture of where you want to be, there will be a constant delay in taking a step forward.

For bloggers especially, do you have a purpose with why you started blogging in the first place? Are you connected with your purpose of blogging?

Stay away from Negativity

You set goals every year, you achieve some and some you carry forward few to the next year. Does that mean you have failed? I do not think so.

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Stay away from feeling like a failure. Try and understand what the reason you had prioritized specific goals was. Were you realistic enough when you set your goals?

Ponder upon these before judging yourself. As a blogger, you may get discouraged with a low traffic conversion, not many people giving you positive feedback or no feedback a lot of times. Maybe it is time to revisit your purpose and your goals and see if you can tweak a few of them and continue your course of the journey.

Maintain a Milestone Journal

Do you maintain a journal where you write about what you achieved today? It could even be a free coffee you know. Start journaling your small successes. These would eventually show you the bigger picture.

In your blogging journey, maintain a journal of the times you thought a particular blog post did a fantastic in getting an audience and relevant comments. Think about the number of times it was shared, and people approached you for more writing assignments after that.

Understand the difference between hope and goals

Many say that hope is what keeps us going. We all have deep desires for our future. I

With imagination and dreams, one can be on cloud 9.  It is fun to dream and imagine, but there are times when we tend to be so excited and happy about the good feeling we have with our hopes that we do not realize if it is achievable and should just remain hope or crossover to our goals section?


Listed above are 4 mindset shifts that I have started to make. There is one mindset shift that needs to take priority above all of these is a belief in yourself.

Let me know what are yours mindset shift techniques this year?





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