Life of a Blogger

Life of a Blogger

I am sure every blogger has an Aha! Moment, this one is mine.

Have you had that moment when you entirely lose yourself and your confidence?

You somehow feel like you just don’t know where you are headed?

You think the decision you have taken in life seems to be a total zero.

That is the moment of awakening.

What happens next is an absolute Miracle!

This happened to me today. I am not exaggerating by the way. I don’t know if this because of the beautiful eclipse we are about to witness tomorrow, but I am happy.

I was all messed up; thinking about quitting everything and stepping back.

Then I got a ping from my ex-colleague. Trust me you are in for a fun ride when you hear this out.

She has been in the web design domain for about 6 years now. She left her job and started off on this journey and is quite successful now. 23 Clients that are not a joke seriously.

She offered me a domain hosting platform, I had to refuse because I already have it hosted on Bluehost.

What followed after that was an exchange of words that came at the right moment. She said “I saw your website, it looks good. Your blogs are really nice keep doing it.”

It was as if the universe had spoken back to me that, look here lady, have patience. Rome was not built in a day.

I got a kick of confidence right there. The conversation went on and she gave me some pointers on what content could I start working on.

We forget that there is a higher force pushing us to do things. The incident today was a reminder of that.

Hence I have decided to take it step by step and see this journey unfold new things.

If you have had an aha! Moment let me know in the comments below and let’s chat over coffee!

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15 thoughts on “Life of a Blogger”

  • So true.. It happened with me last week when I thought this is just not working and I should get back to some work. Just then a school friend (whom
    I have not been in touch with for 10 years) messaged saying how she loves reading my blogs and how they have helped her in tough times. I was so happy and this gives me the motivation!!

  • We had been struggling with a health care concern for my elderly mother recently, when suddenly out of the blue my sister in law got a phone call – from another phone call she had made months ago, suddenly we were given a contact – and we hope we have a solution. By the way, I am envious – the eclipse isn’t going to be total where I live. Enjoy!

  • Loved reading your blog .

    And yes it’s happened with me multiple times. My aha moment was when someone told me that I know quite a few technical things.

    After I realized that I can help other bloggers move to their self hosted site, do advanced site setups I helped multiple bloggers with their queries and site set ups.

    And even now after helping someone to set up their blog or hearing any good thing about my blog , it feels so good.

  • I am really glad to know that you discovered your aha moment and didn’t quit. Something like this happened to me too before I started blogging. I was losing the life’s perspective, had no idea what I wanted in life and where I had to move. My aha moment was when I wrote my first blog.

  • It must have felt great hearing such positive comments about your blog, isn’t it? I agree….things happen in their own time, as you said, “Rome was not built in a day!” – a fact we often forget. Just doing our best is all we can and should do and leave the rest to destiny…right?
    It will be great having that coffee with you some day, Shruti!

  • This is so amazing! I totally feel this! I too thought of quitting blogging many a times.. but a single support is enough to keep us going!

  • I guess this happens with me all the time. Days like that just keep me motivated. We all need that push at times.

  • Yup YUp! Such moments come in the form of angels when you need that extra push/belief in yourself and to stay true to your path. Shruti your blog is a wonderful space and I like it a lot too – pls do stay on and try to join some linky parties to have some fun with other like minded bloggers too!!

  • That is so true happened to me the end of last year. Felt unsure and restless. Took a break and got back with fresh energy. Glad your friend pushed you to continue. Sometimes a gentle nudge is all we need

  • No doubt Rome is not build in a day. Thing’s take time to settle and hardwork always pays off. Love your confidence and optimistic attitude towards life

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