My Book Review Policy

For requests for book reviews, contact me at overcoffeewithshruti(at)gmail(dot)com

Preferred genres:

  • Young Adult Fiction
  • Mystery and Thrillers
  • Business and Start-up
  • Self Help Books
  • Romantic and Chick Lit
  • Mythology and Historical Fiction
  • Fiction
  • Books on Travel Accounts
  • Humor

Information about how I review books:

1. If the book is above four stars, I put a long post on my blog with an additional Instagram post. I also add Shorter reviews on GoodReads.

2.The least time between starting a book and writing the review for my blog is two weeks; I will send prior communication in case if there will be a delay in writing the review.

3. I add affiliate links to Amazon India in my review posts.

For Authors:

If you are an author and you approach me first for a book review, please note that I charge for book reviews. But first, I prefer to discuss the book and the genre.

Since I have a fulltime job, it gets a little tedious to schedule reading and writing reviews hence I follow this policy.

Please note that all my Book reviews will be honest and if I don’t like I book, I do write about keeping in mind the author and their work.

I am in India, and if you would like me to feature your book on my Instagram, I would require physical copies of books.

I have a Kindle as well; I also accept ebooks of MOBI format

Happy Reading and Happy Writing!